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Our mission

IT Services should run like water from a tap, every moment of the day at constant quality

This ambitious statement keeps our team focused. It helps us to monitor our services carefully and constantly improve our work in progress.

Customer Life Cycle

The whole Customer Life Cycle is facilitated, including the Order to Cash process. Service Delivery   Support are based on efficient Service Levels and KPI’s.

B-to-C IT & Business Support

We offer B-to-C IT and business supporting services in 7 European countries. Our core competence is to integrate and manage business systems of our clients and interconnect them with third party systems.

Business Services

Business Services we offer are used to support Digital To the Home services (via satellite), 3-Play Services (ISP, VoIP, and IPTV and OTV services).

To support our clients we understand their business and pro-actively anticipate on what they need to meet their goals. We are constantly seeking for further optimization. Our team of experts know how to use IT and other support services can be used for our clients effectively and efficiently.

E Zilly has offices located in the Netherlands in the Media City Hilversum and in the 2nd largest city in Czech republic, Ostrava.

Service development

SCRUM and Agile methods are used to quickly anticipate on new business demands.

Software is developed on-site as well with near and off-shoring partners.

Our business analysts work closely with Marketing & Sales of clients to design new campaigns and services. An efficient process supports business needs.

We deliver solutions in close cooperation with our clients. Transparency on time and within budget.

IT Operations

Key business systems are best of breed systems for CRM, Billing, Web Portals, Call Center Support & Provisioning

Operational services are monitored by regression tests. New services are tested end—to-end to secure proper usage.

(Third Party) Systems are connected via an Enterprise Service Bus

Regression tests are executed to proof good end-to-end service delivery.

Monitoring of Key Business processes is done via an automated 24/7 monitoring process.

Support Billing & Dunning processes for 6 brands serving over 3 million households.

Standardized Change, Problem & Incident procedures are used to secure business service continuity.

An IT help desk support PC Desktop, LAN & Telephony services for 300 workplaces in 4 European countries.


Taking care of just in time delivery for different B2C and B2B brands in 7 European countries from 3 warehouses in The Netherlands.

Creating transport solutions for in- & outbound over road, sea and by air.

Optimize stock management by forecast & delivery improvements.

Offer Value Added Services like; return process (RMA), repacking, restocking, consolidation and refurbishing.


Project office

Facilitate and manage Project Office and project managers.

Manage third parties contributions to projects.

Manage time, costs, progress on behalf of clients.

Cloud based tooling is used to manage multiple (inter) national project.

QA is provided by periodical independent audits on key systems, projects and processes.




Professional insights in the performance of the business based on KPI Reporting.

Data warehouse services for Reporting and Data analysis.

Database marketing support Marketing & Sales activities.

List management support Marketing & Sales activities.


We are looking for a senior Front-End Developer with a minimum of 5 years of experience who is ready to play a key role in our team and help with continuous improvement of 14 brands/websites for Europe's leading Pay-TV operator. The ideal candidate should be capable of working independently on small projects while demonstrating excellent teamwork skills when collaborating on larger initiatives.


  • 5+ years of professional experience in Front-End Development.
  • Proficiency with Node.js and Express.js for server-side development.
  • Highly skilled in JavaScript (ideally Vue JS) for creating interactive user interfaces.
  • Expertise in working with REST APIs and handling JSON data.
  • Understanding of version control systems, especially Git.
  • Familiarity with Web Core Vitals and website performance optimization.
  • Experience with the Tailwind CSS framework for efficient and scalable styling.

Additional skills (a plus)

  • Knowledge of Umbraco CMS (.NET Core - Razor)
  • UX/UI focus for designing visually appealing and user-friendly websites.
  • Experience with Google Cloud Server
  • Ubuntu


  • Develop Clean, Efficient Code: Write high-performance, responsive code for web applications.
  • Collaboration with Back-End Developers: Coordinate closely with BE team which provides RESTful APIs, ensuring seamless integration of user-facing elements with server-side logic, while managing additional processing tasks independently.
  • Create Data Processing Web Services with Node.js: Develop web services for efficient data processing and manipulation, ensuring seamless integration with server-side logic.
  • Architect Scalable Front-End: Design modular architectures to support complex web applications.
  • Implement Web Designs: Translate mock-ups into seamless, interactive web pages across devices and browsers.
  • Ensure Performance Optimization: Analyze and optimize website loading performance in accordance with Core Web Vitals standards to maximize speed and scalability.
  • Utilize Version Control: Effectively manage codebase changes and ensure version consistency with Git.

About E Zilly

Ezilly, based in Hilversum NL and Ostrava CZ, is a specialized ICT service provider. Our main client is M7 Group, a European provider of digital television and Video on Demand services. More than 60 specialists provide IT management and services. Ezilly has outsourced parts of its works to a limited number of parties. Ezilly enables M7 to execute their commercial and product strategy. Soundbites are transition, change, data, billing, translating needs, solutions, value engineering and customer focus.

About M7 Group

Luxembourg-based M7 Group, owned by Canal+ Group, is one of Europe’s leading Pay-TV operators offering culture and language-specific packages to over three million subscribers in eight countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. The growth of M7 Group is driven by successfully converting free-TV viewers into recurring Pay-TV subscribers. The model provides subscribers with an attractive range of TV services at a competitive market price. A hybrid TV offer includes key channels as well as film and sports content in high quality and interactive services. Moreover, the linear TV offer is complemented with a wide range of VoD services and standalone VoD services, benefiting from the rich library of films and series of parent company Canal+ and its StudioCanal production company. M7 is part of Canal+ Group, a leading audiovisual media group with an annual revenue of 5,3 billion EURO. Canal+ is a global top player in the area of premium content production, the creation of thematic and free-to-air channels, as well as the bundling and distribution of pay-TV services in France and other major markets around the globe.


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